Annual Meeting

NERGN 2024
Last Annual Meeting (Virtual)
Looking back in order to look forward

As you may know, NERGN and all of the other Regional Genetic Networks will discontinue operating after the end of May. Check out our New England Genetics Collaborative (NEGC) slide show from years past. See if you recognize some of those who are still around today!

NERGN 2024
Virtual Annual Meeting
April 4-5, 2024

  • Welcome and Introduction
    • Karen Volle, NERGN
  • Discussion of our collective challenges & opportunities
    • Karen Volle, NERGN
  • Resources under the National Coordinating Center (NCC)
    • Megan Lyon, NCC
      National Genetic Education and Family Support Center (the Family Center)
    • Molly Martzke, Family Center
  • Overview of the future relative to Blueprint for Change
    • Diana Ausin, Family Engagement and Leadershp in systems of care (FELSC)
  • State Updates - Please share your genetic resources and how to find them! How are you stepping up into the future?
    How do the state Family Voices organizations fit in?
    • Vermont State Team - Ashley Michaud, Emmy Hilliard, Betty Morse
    • Rhode Island - Stephanie Trafka, Tara Hayes
    • New Hampshire - Deana Taylor
    • Maine - Robin Levesque
    • Massachusetts - Melanie McLaughlin and Renee Williams
    • Connecticut - Carmina Cirioli, Nanfi Lubogo, Lynda Kazairwe
  • Closing thoughts
    • Ed Kloza, NERGN 
  • Welcoming opening remarks
    • Angela Shepard, NERGN
  • Updates on NERGN Activities
    • NBS Survey early findings
    • GEMSS' new home
    • Overview of NERGN training
  • Where will other RGN resources be going?
    • Megan Lyon, NCC
  •  Updates regarding Genetic Counseling Assistants
    • Nidhi Shah, MD, FACMG Daremouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • All of Us Research Updates
    • Katrina Yamazaki, PhD, Community Health Center, Inc.
    • Sheri Schully, PhD, All of Us Research Program , NIH
  • Genetics Outreach & Education Opportunities
    • Kira Dineen, DNA Today!
  • Increasing diversity in the work force
    • Sylvia Mann, Project Director, Minority Genetic Professional Network
  •  Recognizing our achievements / Saying goodbye
    • Memories and special messages from our stakeholders.
      NERGN's Advisory Committee is invited to turn on cameras and mics, for an informal conversation about the future of genetics.
      We may have some special guests!