Behavior & Sensory Support

What you need to know   

Individuals with NS may have increased anxiety, panic attacks, social introversion, poor self-awareness, and difficulties identifying and expressing feeling and emotions.  They may experience teasing over physical appearance and have poor self-esteem.

Research suggests that adults with NS may have mild problems in

  • Attention
  • organizational skills
  • psychosocial maturity
  • difficulty expressing emotions and feelings

Adults with NS may also have body image problems with poor self-esteem, depression, and social inadequacy.  It is important to note that the majority of adults with NS will finish high school and have paying jobs, and many will attend college.

What you can do 

  • Early identification and behavioral interventions can be helpful for anxiety and self esteem issues.
  • Provide a peer buddy or social skills group.
  • Unstructured situations may be difficult for individuals with mood and anxiety disorder (e.g., school assemblies, in-between classes, on bus, and on field trips).
    • Watch for overload
    • Prepare them ahead of time
    • Offer supports
    • Redirect behaviors