Physical Activity, Trips, Events

What you need to know

Physical Education:

  • Individuals may be clumsy or have an awkward gait
  • Temperature control and/or excessive sweating maybe an issue for the child
  • If you live in New England (USA) and qualify, Northeast Passage offers Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive Sports programming.

Field Trips:

  • Any change in routine may produce anxiety, fears, and/or worry.

What you can do

Physical Education:

  • Exercise is important and should be encouraged, especially those exercises that build muscle mass and motor skills.
  • Adaptive physical education may be appropriate
  • Coordination may be a problem and make individuals a target for teasing.
  • Practice can help.
  • Support the child emotionally
  • Encourage hydration and allow frequent water breaks
    • Provide rest opportunities as appropriate.

Field trips:

  • Offer anticipatory guidance and preparation to prepare for a change in routine such as a field trip.
  • Offer supports as needed for vision and hearing issues.
  • Use social stories and pictures to help them understand the change.
  • Encourage use of their communication system to help them process concerns.