Strong Partnerships

As with any successful school program, strong partnerships between school personnel and the family can make any issue or concern much easier to address.

Partnerships that work well include:

  • clear communication
  • supportive and positive attitudes
  • advocacy
  • a willingness to work through any difficulties and concerns because the child’s needs are viewed as a high priority for all parties

Productive meetings and a sense of humor go a long way in making this collaboration strong! 

Parent  Stress

Teachers and school personnel may want to keep in mind that parents may have heightened stress as they search for reasons for their child's issues. 

  • Some parents have had to advocate strongly and intensely to ensure services and supports are in place medically and educationally. 
  • Stress levels in a parent or guardian are also very dependent on many factors such as 
    • their resiliency
    • prior experiences with similar issues
    • the support they receive
    • their individual family circumstances 
    • and the needs of all of their children.