Turner Syndrome Society

The Turner Syndrome Society of the United States provides resources for parents and women in addition to support and event announcements, research, and advocate opportunities. 

Genetics Home Reference

Consumer-friendly information about human genetics from the U.S. National Library of Medicine   

Genetics Home Reference for Turner syndrome

Turner Syndrome Foundation

The Foundation leads an advocacy effort to identify the gaps those with Turner Syndrome face as they transition from pediatric to adult care.  

Turner Syndrome article

The article titled "The cognitive phenotype of Turner syndrome: Specific learning disabilities" discusses the need for a detailed assessment of the child's cognitive difficulties prior to the onset of formal schooling. 

Turner Syndrome Support Society (UK)

TSSS offers support, advice, and information to women and girls with Turner Syndrome and their families. Some publications of particular interest may be "A Teenagers Guide to Turner Syndrome" and "How to help your child survive and succeed at school"

Guide to Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

This guide, titled "Moving Forward" developed by Children's Hospital Boston provides information for parents and women with primary ovarian insufficiency. While the guide is targeted to women with galactosemia, it may provide useful information for dealing with POI. 

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Visual Issues

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Visual Issues is a resource from Boulder Valley Vision Therapy, P.C., in Boulder, Colorado. It describes a variety of variety of issues and offers strategies.