Mito Action is a site whose mission to improve quality of life for all who are affected by mitochondrial disorders through support, education, and advocacy initiatives.

This foundation offers support to people who have mitochondrial disorders.

"We created this guide for emerging adults living with mitochondrial disorders to help you succeed with transitioning to adult health care and the next phase of life. Patients, families, and health care providers have expressed a need for resources like this and we’ve heard you loud and clear. We’ve researched medical resources, and have talked to young people, parents, doctors, nurses, and patient advocates to find out what you want and need to know about. This guide includes: a simple explanation of Mito for friends, teachers, and anyone else who doesn’t understand; tools to help guide your transition to adult health care; tips for success in college, employment, and independent living; and stories of real people with real experiences living their lives to the fullest..."

Boston Children's Hospital
New England Genetics Collaborative
Emerson College

The film Including Samuel may be helpful for people interested in including children who have disabilities/health conditions in typical classrooms. 

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Visual Issues is a resource from Boulder Valley Vision Therapy, P.C., in Boulder, Colorado. It describes a variety of variety of issues and offers strategies.