Medical / Dietary Needs

What you need to know

The list of possible medical problems in Marfan syndrome can be quite extensive. However, each individual usually has only some of these problems. Also, the severity of any one of these medical problems varies widely.  Therefore, it is important to ask the parents about the medical issues for their child. School age children who have Marfan syndrome should have a primary care doctor and, often, specialist’s visits to monitor medical conditions. 

  • Students may have chronic pain and require  medication as needed
  • Students may also require other medication for heart or asthma 
  • Be aware, or ask a parent, if the child has a medical alert bracelet

What you can do

  • Ensure a yearly check up in the child’s Medical Home
  • Ensure up to date immunizations
  • Notify parents of changes in energy level
  • Be aware of any changes in behavior or mood or academic performance; notify the parents