MPS Disorders (Hurler/Hunter/Morquio)

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For healthcare providers: Additional clinical information

The Mucopolysaccharidoses disorders (MPS) belong to a group of disorders known as lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs), which are a group of diseases caused by a defect in lysosomal enzymes.  Lysosomes act as the "recycling center" of each cell, breaking down unwanted materials into simple waste products. The lack of certain lysosomal enzymes causes a buildup of waste products in many cells of the body.  

The clinical symptoms of each type of LSD depend on which cells and tissues use the deficient enzyme and if any working amount of enzyme is present.

There are more than 40 known LSDs.  The types of LSDs are named for the substance that builds up in the cells.  MPS disorders are the most common (1 in 25,000 births) of the LSDs.

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This information was last updated in May 2020.