Physical Activity, Trips, Events

What you need to know

  • Students with UCDs can go on field trips and participate in school events along with the other students. They may need additional supports or accommodations to do so.
  • Students with UCDs may not be as active or agile as other students. It is good to encourage children to be active and to make accommodations if physical activity is difficult or uncomfortable.
  • If you live in New England (USA) and qualify, Northeast Passage offers Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive Sports programming.

What you can do

Talk to the student’s parents about how they would like to handle field trips:

  • If the student is on a restricted diet, they may need to bring along food that they can eat. The child may need to be watched to make sure he or she doesn’t eat restricted food.
  • If the child uses a feeding tube, a parent or aide may need to accompany the child.
  • Make sure that school staff has a copy of the child’s emergency plan on hand at the event.