School Absences and Fatigue

What You Need to Know


  • A child with muscular dystrophy may be absent due to surgery, illness and/or medical appointments.
  • The increased susceptibility to and life-threatening consequences of respiratory infections may cause students to miss many days of school.


  • Medications, may cause drowsiness or lack of energy
  • Fatigue may be a symptom of a condition or may be a side effect from lack of sleep 
  • Fatigue is a symptom of muscle disease
  • May fall more and get injured when tired

What you can do

  • Help to make transitions in and out of school as seamless as possible
  • Allow extra time for assignments and/or provide make up work as needed.
  • Make accommodations for resting or taking a break
  • Have peers share class notes
  • Monitor work so that it is challenging, but ensure goals are attainable and realistic 
  • Plan for absences and consider tutoring
  • Communicate with parents in order to successfully meet these challenges