School Absences & Fatigue

What you need to know

Sleep issues are common.

  • Frequent waking at night
  • Difficulty starting or maintaining sleep
  • Irregular sleep/wake cycles
  • Disruptive night behaviors (i.e. periods of laughter)
  • Sleep related seizures

What you can do

  • Discuss the child's nighttime sleeping patterns with the parents and provide suggestions on strategies for improvement. Provide consistent routine. Take cues from children who don't have AS.
  • Look at temperature in the environment and make it cooler if necessary.
  • Schedule daytime naps or afternoon rests if needed.
  • Some children respond to a change in scenery (i.e. taking a walk) when tired.
  • Lack of restful sleep can contribute to behavior issues and temper tantrums.
  • Doctor may discuss:
    • Behavioral treatment programs
    • Administration of melatonin
    • Use of sedatives