Physical Activity, Trips, Events

What you need to know

If a child has severe GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), they may need certain considerations on trips and/or events.

  • The child may feel better with constant movement. They may need to keep moving, perhaps even walking with little rest, all day and/or night. 
  • Frequent snacks/meals may be necessary to decrease the pain from the increased acid

If you live in New England (USA) and qualify, Northeast Passage offers Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive Sports programming.

Field Trips:

  • Any change in routine may produce anxiety, fears, and/or worry. 
  • Anxiety may result in behavioral challenges. 
  • Crowds and loud noise may be overwhelming to some people.

What you can do

  • Caregivers need to anticipate these needs and have medication, food and drink available when they are traveling or at special events. 
  • Preventing discomfort is easier than trying to cure the flare-up when it occurs.
  • Be proactive and discuss any change in schedule or setting with the child ahead of time.
  • Use social stories and pictures to help them understand the change.
  • Role-play different social settings and appropriate behavior.