Medical Home


A “medical home” is a community-based primary care setting that provides and coordinates high quality, planned, family-centered health promotion, acute illness care and chronic condition management – across a lifespan. -NCC Medical Home Work Group

child's drawing of diversed people holding handsThe Medical Home work group strives to improve care and outcomes for children with chronic conditions by identifying and testing improvements in the way specialty care, primary care and families work together.  The group will build on the work of the Genetics in Primary Care Institute (GPCI) at the American Academy of Pediatrics to integrate genetics into primary care practices. 

The Medical Home is one of the key implementers of a successful Transition from pediatric to adult care. As such, the Medical Home and Transition work groups often engage together. 

Why It Is Important

Improving the understanding and utilization of the Medical Home is important because “the coordination of care and chronic condition management leads to: reduced emergency room and hospital use; reduced redundancy in testing, referrals and procedures; and increased efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, family worry and burden are reduced.” *Center for Medical Home Improvement