Challenges and opportunities for effective delivery of clinical genetic services in the U.S. healthcare system.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Current Opinion, Pediatrics, by David Flannery



Demand for clinical genetics and genomics services is increasing. As discussed in this study, the clinical genetics and genomics workforce is small. How to meet the demand with a limited workforce requires innovation.


Background data regarding the current state of clinical genetic services including volume of services and make-up of the clinical genetics workforce are presented. The study then identifies opportunities to increase access to clinical genetic service providers using new models of service and discusses examples of solutions which have been implemented in some practice settings. Creative uses of technology to increase providers' efficiency are highlighted.


Clinical genetics service providers need to rise to the occasion and lead the transformation of clinical genetic service delivery. Many of the examples of solutions described in the study can be implemented by other providers now. Additionally, the described solutions may serve to inspire genetic providers to create their own new solutions, which should then be shared with the provider community.