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Webinar Series: It's All About Teamwork: Incorporating Genetics and Family History into the work of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Webinars will be archived here and below:

“Why Medical Home and Care Coordination are Important for Children”
May 28, 2015; 12 noon to 1 pm (EDT); Jill Rinehart, MD, Pediatrician from VT; Jeanne McAllister, BSN, MS, MHA, Medical Home Expert
Click here for presentation slides and recording.

"How to Achieve a Shared Plan of Care for Kids with Primary Care Providers, Families, and Specialists”
June 4, 2015; 12 noon to 1 pm (EDT)Dr. Jill Rinehart and Jeanne McAllister
Click here for presentation slides and recording.

“Obtaining and Documenting a Pediatric Family History – Understanding Why it is Important, Identifying Red Flags, and Capturing the Information in the Electronic Medical Record”
July 16, 2015; 12 noon to 1 pm (EDT): Craig Donnelly, MD, Pediatric Psychiatrist from NH; Leah Burke, MD, Geneticist from VT
Click here for presentation slides and recording.

“Sustaining the Momentum / Incorporating Genetics in the Management of Children in the Primary Care Office”
September 17, 2015; 12 noon to 1 pm (EDT); Wendy Smith, MD and Rosemarie Smith, MD, Geneticists from ME

"Balancing Strengths & Needs: Family Centered Conversations" 
May 26, 2016, noon - 1 pm (EDT); Jill Rinehart, MD; Barbara Frankowski, MD; Tara Townsend, Family/Advocate
Click here for presentation slides and recording.

Family Care Plan

Family Care Plan

In 2009-2010 the Medical Home group piloted a communication tool designed to improve shared care between families, primary physicians, and specialists. 

The Family Care Plan was developed as a fillable PDF. 

The Medical Home: Building a New Brand for Primary Care

This power point presentation was presented by Dr. Carl Cooley at the Medical Home Kick-off meeting in June, 2008.

Parents' Role in Specialty Referrals: Views from Both Sides of the Exam Table

This abstract was accepted for a presentation at the Pediatric Academic Society in Denver in May, 2011. The work summarizes the 2009-2010 Innovative Project to develop and pilot a practical care plan to be used by parents, PCP, and specialty physicians to improve communication and care.

Medical Home Publications

A survey of the preferences of primary care physicians regarding the co-management with specialists of children with rare or complex conditions

Link to article in Clinical Pediatrics

McClain MR, Cooley WC, Keirns T, Smith A. Clinical Pediatrics, 2014, 53:562-6. 

Parent Partnerships in Communication and Decision Making about Subspecialty Referrals for Children with Special Needs

Stille CJ, Fischer SH, LaPelle N, Dworetzky B, Mazor KM, Cooley WC. Parent partnerships in communication and decision making about subspecialty referrals for children with special needs. Academic Pediatrics, 2013 Jan 25. 


An Approach to Family-Centered Coordinated Co-management for Individuals with Conditions Identified through Newborn Screening.

Link  by Cooley WC, Kemper AR, NCC Medical Home Workgroup; Genetics in Medicine, 2012

Improved Outcomes Associated with Medical Home Implementation in Pediatric Primary Care

link  by Carl Cooley, MD; Jeanne McAllister, BSN, MS, MHA; Kathleen Sherribe, DrPH, MS; and Karen Kuhlthau, PhD; Pediatrics, 2009. Conclusions (from abstract): "Developing an evidence base for the value of the primary care medical home has importance for providers, payers, policy makers, and consumers. Reducing hospitalizations through enhanced primary care provides a potential case for new reimbursement strategies supporting medical home services such as care coordination. Larger-scale studies are needed to further develop/examine these relationships."

Medical Home 2009: what it is, where we were and where we are today

link by Homer, CJ; Cooley, WC; Strickland, BB; Pediatric Annals. 2009;38(483-490)