Work Groups

 “The work groups do the work of the NEGC” John Moeschler, MD

 The New England Genetics Collaborative works to improve the lives of those living with genetic conditions. This work is carried out in 6 workgroups, each comprised of individuals from throughout New England, from different professions, institutions, and perspectives. They all share a common belief that they have the ability to impact quality of health care through their work with the NEGC.

Each work group has a slightly different approach to this shared mission. For example, while one work group may endeavor to promote awareness and education of genetically inherited conditions, another work group is working towards improved processes within individual clinics.

The work group structure of the organization has proven to be an effective means of accomplishing great things. The work groups provide a forum to formulate innovative solutions to the challenges in the care of genetic conditions. Additionally, having individuals from throughout the region involved in the work provides for a larger impact and reach for the work of the NEGC. Ultimately, the projects that the work groups are carrying out can be replicated in other regions of the United States supporting national health care improvement.