The Nautumn leavesEGC is guided by two committees that provide insight, leadership and perspective to the organization.

Advisory Committee

The NEGC has an active and engaged Advisory Committee that provides input and overall guidance for project activities. Members provide representation from all 6 New England states. They bring with them diversity in perspectives that greatly enriches the work of the NEGC. The 23 members include physicians, geneticists, public health professionals, individuals with genetic conditions and their familes.


Collaborative Council

The NEGC’s work is carried out by 6 work groups that address the organization’s goals and objectives. The Chairperson of each of the work groups is a member of the Collaborative Council. The Co-Principal Investigators and the Project Evaluator are also members of the Council. Additionally, the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee is a member, providing a key link between the leadership bodies of the NEGC. The Council meets regularly to address issues, opportunities and challenges of the NEGC as they arise.